Sunrise on the Savannah River

Sunrise on the Savannah River

January 1, 2013, taken from North Augusta, South Carolina

I am no photographer, but was fortunate to be at the right place at the right time for this simple snapshot. Of course, it’s hard to take a bad picture of a sunrise or a sunset. I grew up in North Augusta, but rarely get back there. Our friends, Marcia Vernberg and Ted Godfrey had invited us to spend New Year’s Eve with them. They live in Hammond’s Ferry, which was just woods when I was growing up. I am an early riser and a morning walker, so I was up and at ’em, walking on the Greenway beside the Savannah River, when the sun crept up. Not the most exotic location I have ever visited, but it’s the home sweet home of my childhood.

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4 thoughts on “Sunrise on the Savannah River

  1. An open invitation exists so now that you’re retired you could visit more often – even though it’s not terribly exotic. It is, however, quite peaceful and enjoyable.

  2. When the Native Americans were camped on that river bank, I bet it was pretty exotic…

  3. Good one Marion. I spent a childhood swimming and fishing in that river and fortunately it has not changed much. Glad to see that you’re gainfully occupied in retirement. Best regards, Al

    • Al, It has taken me two months to write one dadgum blog, so I am not sure about the gainfully occupied. I have had a three-month commitment after retirement, then i am off to NYC, Boston, Vermont, Quebec City and Ottawa for one trip, then to Peru for another. I am reading a lot.

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