Bali Rice Fields

            I have been asked several times already about the picture at the top of the blog.  These are rice fields in Bali.  I saw them when I visited friends in Indonesia several years ago.   Jonathon and Tina Bailey took me on a trip into a remote area of the island.  The beauty was unexpected.  I always assumed that the most stunning sights in the world involved high mountains or remote ocean islands, sunsets or sunrises. Not so!  These rice fields were the most magnificent, memorable scenery I have ever beheld, which is why I chose them for the top of this blog.  Hundreds of years old, these rice terraces, held together by their interwoven roots, were staggering in their simplicity and beauty.  The wind rippled the rice plants in showy displays of nature merely being marvelous.  Who knew a cereal grain could be so splendid?

            I’ll write more later about my trip to Bali, but this quick post will give a brief explanation of the photo.

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