Baseball as the Great American Metaphor

The book I am working on now has nothing to do with travel, unless you are traveling to a ballpark!  I have been writing about Baseball as the Great American Metaphor for the past two months, but I’ve been thinking about it for the past two years!  Consider how many phrases from baseball have found their way into our everyday language and vocabulary:

  • “Say it ain’t so, Joe.”
  • Ballpark figure
  • Batting Cleanup
  • Bush League
  • Cover all the bases
  • Designated hitter
  • Didn’t get to first base…
  • Don’t take your eye off the ball!
  • Dropped the ball…
  • He threw us a curve.
  • Knocked one out of the ball park
  • Make your pitch.
  • Nobody bats a thousand.
  • Pinch hit
  • Playing hardball
  • Right off the bat…
  • Shutout
  • Take one for the team.
  • That idea came out of left field.
  • Three strikes and you’re out!
  • Touch all the bases.
  • Went to bat for our friend…
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4 thoughts on “Baseball as the Great American Metaphor

  1. Thanks for the blog. As to baseball creeping into our pysche, my church has had a program of conversation English for Internationals for a number of years. One of the things that is such a problem with internationals is our use of idioms in our “average” conversation. Play ball!

  2. Lamar Wadsworth

    Look forward to reading it! I know John Pierce will love this (if you’re not already linked with a publisher, talk to John about publishing with Nurturing Faith–they’re doing my new novel, Remembering Miss Addie, which will be out next month, their first venture into fiction.)

  3. Lisa Allen

    Marion – I heard this piece on Religion and Ethics Newsweekly (as a podcast but you can also go to their website and watch a video. I listen to the podcast as I am driving). When I saw your post, I thought of it again. Click on link (or cut and paste) to hear another voice on Baseball and God.

    And Marc Jolley at Mercer Press wrote a lovely memoir entitled Safe at Home: A Memoir of God, Baseball and Family.
    Click or cut and paste here:

    You are coming at your book in wonderfully interesting and helpful ways. Each of the above authors are at looking at this topic differently too. I just thought they might be interesting conversation partners for you.

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