Where Have I Been? Day One: Sabbatical from blog, but not from life!

    I have just returned from a 16-day, 10 states (I think—Did I pass through Delaware or New Hampshire?), 2 provinces, and 2 countries Retirement Vacation, in a car, by myself! 

    Sally went to West Virginia, in the meantime, for a cousin’s wedding.  My parents would have been appalled at the idea of separate vacations.  It works for us.  We enjoy being together, but being independent also works for us.  She had quality time with members of her family, and I had quality time with members of my family.  (Note:  Since our youngest daughter, Julie, lives a long way from South Carolina, in Boston, with her husband Tom, Sally and I intentionally visit her on separate occasions each year so she will have more annual contacts with her family than she would have if we both went at the same time.  That has worked out well for our family.)

            First night was in Princeton, New Jersey, one of my favorite places.   Dinner at the Yankee Doodle Tavern which boasts an original mural by Norman Rockwell.  Princeton is a walker’s paradise, so I walked the first evening and again the next morning before driving into New York City.  Within a few miles of the room on Princeton Seminary campus where I stayed, I saw deer and crossed a swinging bridge in the middle of some woods.


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3 thoughts on “Where Have I Been? Day One: Sabbatical from blog, but not from life!

  1. I live on a wild farm (organic vegetables, peanuts, chickens-for-eggs) surrounded by 300+ acres of woods, my home is under 200 yr old oak trees dripping with Spanish moss. “Life” is a much bigger deal than people know or even can imagine. Why is it you have to photograph yourself to “show” what you’ve done simply to live? Kudos on taking a break from blog “life” and all the lower insignificant cases of living and living things. The gulf between Life and little lives lived online grows larger every day and more difficult to cross.

    • Life is bigger than most people understand. I love sitting on my back porch and watching the birds and the flowers. Reading a good novel. Reading a novel. Thinking. I’ve even been known to drink a glass of wine or smoke a cigar out there. I love to walk, in the neighborhood or in the woods. On the beach or in the mountains. It is a big world with lots of fascinating people and places. Thanks for your comments. Marion

  2. Randy Wright

    I drank many adult beverages in that tavern in Princeton over the 23 summers I went to the Institute of Theology at Princeton Seminary. Dang….I miss those times.

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