Days Two and Three: New York City

            New York City never sleeps!  Understatement!

            I am a serious user of to reserve hotel rooms.  I can’t remember ever being disappointed.  I ended up in Indigo Hotel in the Flower District in Chelsea, New York City.  I had never heard of the Indigo Hotel or the Flower District, but I was very happy with my accommodations.  I did not need to be in Times Square, but I didn’t want to be on Long Island either, and lets you choose, more or less, the general area of any city where you want to stay.  So if you want to stay downtown, they don’t put you at the airport.  That is my commercial for

            I bought a ticket online for the Mets versus Yankees.  It looked like it was going to be a rainout, but it turned out to be only a rain delay.  I had access, because of my ticket, to a really nice pavilion within the stadium.  In fact, because of the rain delay, I was able to have an unhurried sit-down restaurant meal (where I had a reservation) at Pat LaFrieda’s Chop House inside the concourse.  When my meal was over, the rain had obligingly stopped, and the game began.  Good timing for me.  It did mean a long evening at the ballpark, but the Mets won and the Yankees lost, so all was well.  I took the subway back to my hotel.

            Scoping out a good patisserie is always a priority for me, so I began the next morning with a good croissant and coffee at The City Bakery, not far from my hotel. 

            The day, being Wednesday, allowed me to see two musicals, Wicked as a matinee in the afternoon and The Book of Mormon in the evening.  Wicked was a wonderful, feel-good prequel to the Wizard of Oz.  Laughter, tears, inspiration, entertainment, everything you want in a musical.  The Book of Mormon is way more complicated.  It is vulgar, irreverent and offensive.  It is also funny and engaging, and toward the end, mostly redeems itself.  I am glad I went, but this play/musical is not for everyone, especially anyone with a fragile conscience.  A couple of young, naïve Mormon missionaries end up witnessing to a miserably poor village in Africa.  Every cliché and misunderstanding imaginable transpires in the course of these few hours, but good comes of it all in the end.  Praise the Lord!  But do not go if you are easily offended.

            Between the afternoon and evening shows, I walked to Madison Avenue to one of my favorite New York destinations, Davidoff Cigars.  (Somebody should be paying me for these free advertisements!)  I purchased an “Eminentes” cigar, and smoked it as I slowly walked through the city.  I spent about an hour at the Rockefeller Center people watching.  That may be my new favorite place in New York City.

            It was a very good two days.  Expensive, but there isn’t but one New York City.  If you go, enjoy it.  This is not the place to be frugal. 


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5 thoughts on “Days Two and Three: New York City

  1. Cousin Peggy

    Good chuckle from your cigar stance picture. Looking for an abbreviation for ” slight chuckle” when my response is not quite a “LOL” but SC seems too irreverent.

  2. I want to go back!!! Looks like your first picture was snapped at Rockefeller Plaza, and seeing it reminds me of fun times with friends.


    I want to see Book of Mormon

    Laura P. Valtorta Attorney at Law 903 Calhoun Street Columbia, SC 29201 (803) 771-0828

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