While I love to write, and I love



While I love to write, and I love that people read what I have written in my blog and other places, my ego is not so large that I want to spend my entire retirement writing for fun.  Somewhere in the mix, I want to write for profit.  That means I need to sell some of what I have written, to magazines, publishers, newspapers, whatever.  Having friends check “Like” on Facebook, I admit, is a nice affirmation, but that is way less motivating to me in 2013 than it was in 2010!


If you like what I write, I hope you will buy my Memoir, Overcoming Adolescence.  You can purchase it as an eBook or as a paperback from Amazon:




  You can also order it from me for $20 and I will sign it and return it to you.  My email address is mariondaldridge@gmail.com.


If I can make a little money in the process of writing a blog, that would make me very happy.  More importantly, I think Overcoming Adolescence is worth reading.  In spite of the title, I wrote this volume for people ages 30-70, not for teenagers.  I don’t think adolescents have enough life experience to understand how to be mature.  They are in the midst of their formative events.  What is sad, however, is when adults turn age 40, then 50, and then 60 and still have the worldview they had as teenagers.


I began my process of transformation about age 30, and Overcoming Adolescence is my story.  If you read it, I would be glad for you to write a review for Amazon or any other website.


Thanks for hanging in there with me this far.


Marion D. Aldridge

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2 thoughts on “ While I love to write, and I love

  1. Leah Gore

    Hi- We bought several of Marion’s books and highly recommend it. It touches on issues that you see so often in your journey though life. Marion gives such introspective views of his life’ also. We gave copies to our children and to our church library. Leah and Alston Gore

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