Why Do You Travel?

My back porch is a travel destination, the same as Ireland or Peru!  I go different places for different lengths of time for different reasons.


Having just gotten back from two weeks, by myself, on the road to New York City, Boston, Quebec and Cooperstown, among other stops, I know how to take a major trip to see new sites, to visit family and friends, to experience what I can’t experience here in Columbia, South Carolina, for example, Major League Baseball and Broadway.  (I can go to “Broadway” musicals in Columbia, but I can’t visit Broadway.)  There is no Baseball Hall of Fame in Columbia, and there are no beaches here, or, for that matter, mountains.


So, why do we travel?  Why do you travel?


One of my purposes, occasionally, is retreat, Sabbath, rest, to get away from the routines and busy-ness of life.  But, sometimes trips to other places for R and R don’t work out so well.  You come back more tired than you were when you left.  That may say more about you than about where you went.  A week at the beach can be relaxing, giving you time to read your favorite books, or it can be frenzied with activity as you fill every minute with motion.


This is no surprise to anyone who knows me, but my back porch is a place where I can get my soul refreshed.  It’s only a short trip!  And cheap.  A glass of my favorite beverage, coffee in the morning and iced tea in the afternoon, a good book, or a good conversation, and I can spend weeks there.


Why do you travel?  Where?  With whom?  For how long?


Happy Summer! 


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2 thoughts on “Why Do You Travel?

  1. Pam Gaddy

    Marion, I am enjoying your blog so much! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Your back porch is a place of rest for me too! There is something almost hypnotic about it. Enjoy your Sabbath time there!

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