I Like Facts!

Here are my stats from June 2013:


  • I walked 26 days out of 30.


  • I walked 68 miles, an average of 2.6 miles per day.  My default neighborhood route is 2 miles, which I walk in 35 minutes.


  • I walked in in 2 countries (which is unusual), 3 states and 2 provinces.


  • I found 72 cents.


I like facts.  Carpenters say, “Measure twice and cut once.”  Taking the time to secure hard data goes against my tendency to wing it, to be a free spirit.  Knowing whether there is enough money in the bank account, however, is a good thing.  I like facts.


In my book about growing up, I have an entire chapter on getting good information in order to make good decisions.  You may think you didn’t eat as much this week as last week, but the scales tell the truth.  I have walked almost daily for about 20 years, but sometime around the turn of the millennium, I began to keep a daily record on a 3×5 card so I don’t kid myself, “Oh, I walk 4 or 5 times each week” when the truth was I walked 2 or 3 times each week. 


Over the years, I have learned to pay attention to the difference in what people (including me) think happened and what actually happened. 


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4 thoughts on “I Like Facts!

  1. Jack Brymer

    As a retired writer/editor (I use writer because of Mark Twian’s definition of a journalist as a writer without a job–I retired gainfully employed), my livelihood depended on facts. I like them if they are accurate/accurate. I once asked an attorney if a certain morsel of information/facts were “true,” he replied: “I don’t know whether or not they are true, but they are correct.” Love you column!

    • Von Williams

      My second day to enjoy your blog – with its light hearted whimsical way of getting at serious stuff – like being truthful about exercize & eating –

  2. Jake Spidle

    Marion, Regarding your “Over the years I have learned . . .,” Mark Twain (again!) said something similar: “It’s the things folks know what ain’t so that causes trouble.” We all know about illegal immigrants sponging off welfare, etc., etc.

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