The Gift


For the past 15 years, I worked for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of South Carolina.  It was the best job in the world.  I will write about that another day. 


Knowing how much I love to travel, CBFSC gave me enough money for a retirement trip to just about anywhere in the world.  There was even enough money for Sally to come back to South Carolina!  (Just kidding…  The gift was very generous!  There was enough for us both to return to South Carolina.  Thank you, CBFSC!)


I have never had a “Bucket List,” but tend to go where opportunity allows.  There is something in the Bible about the Spirit blowing in unexpected directions, so, without really trying, I have travelled to Mauritania, Morocco, Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, Kenya, Brazil and a dozen other faraway places. 


I have also ridden the buses on the backroads of South Carolina, but that also is a tale for another day.


On this Gift Trip, I wanted to go somewhere I had never been.  In addition to my wife, Sally, I wanted to take my 12-year-old grandson, Lake, who is at the perfect age to marvel at the wonders of this world.  Jenna, his mom, my oldest daughter, decided to go with us.  We ended up with a party of four.


I let Lake choose the place (which is consistent with my theme of going where the wind blows).  He had a geography teacher this year (a young man formerly in the Peace Corps) that Lake really liked. Lake asked him to suggest five South Americancountries that would be fun to visit.  PERU came out on top.  The Amazon Rain Forest fascinated Lake, and Machu Picchu is one of the 10 outstanding Wonders of the World, however you configure your list.  Lima has a soccer (football) team, and Lake is nuts about soccer/football these days.


We paid our money, and set off on July 9, 2013, for Lima, Peru, South America. 


This story will take 10-15 days to tell, so, hang in there.


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14 thoughts on “The Gift

  1. Judy Rivers, Estill, SC

    Go, Marion and Sally. Peru sounds like an excellent choice. Wow! What a tree trunk!!!

  2. Caroline Krueger

    So glad you are enjoying your retirement by traveling with your family. You deserve every bit of it!
    So glad CBFSC gave you something that you won’t just “put up on the shelf” but can store memories in your head and heart. Thank you for all those years of service.
    Caroline Krueger
    Rock Hill, SC

  3. Great photos! I remember that tree — and the butterfly that wouldn’t leave Lake alone! 🙂

  4. Lake was the Butterfly whisperer! I have a picture of that. Will post it later. Marion

  5. You go man! You deserve a break and Peru sounds like just the ticket.

  6. Lynn Harvin

    So happy for all of you! What memories and a well deserved gift! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  7. Jay Kieve

    Love it!

  8. Melanie Kieve

    Now THIS makes me happy. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  9. What a gift. . .and one that will continue to give years from now as the memories return for the lifetime.
    Katrina Salter-Wood

  10. Al Jacobs

    Marion, you have inspired me. Dr T and I are headed to Alaska next month and I will report on a WordPress blog just like you.

    In the meantime, don’t drink the water, whatever you don’t do. By now I suspect that you have found that Cusquena is a decent beer altho the Pilsen Callao is more popular, if watery.

    Stay safe, Al Jacobs

  11. Dianne

    what an awesome adventure. and you get to share it with family….

  12. yvonne woltner

    What a great memory.

  13. Phala Burleson

    So happy for you and your family that you are getting some much needed and deserved time away. What memories you all will have! Soak it all in and then …blog it all so we get to be a part. Love,love, love to hear and read your stories and life adventures. May God continue to bless you in ways you never imagined 🙂

  14. Marion, so GLAD you’re getting to enjoy some places God really enjoyed making! Have fun.

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