A Tribute to the Service Industry


There is nothing very sexy about infrastructure.


Americans are an opinionated group.  All of us enjoy the benefits of living in a rich, secure, free, amazing country.  Yet, I’ve noticed that some of us complain at the smallest inconvenience.  “High maintenance” is an accurate description for some folks.  Cluelessness may be cute on a first date when you are age 17, but it is ugly when you are a fifty-year-old adult!


Get a grip!  Life has inconveniences.  Extended adolescence is not pretty in mature adults.


Whenever good things happen, someone is usually behind the scenes working hard to create the environment that allows us to live (and travel) as we do.  Wherever there is an organization of any kind, a school, scientific society, church, community, government, museum, airline, hotel, or restaurant, someone has invested time, money and energy to make it happen.


On our trip to Peru, at the airport and on the airplane, I paid attention to and took a few pictures of what we call “service industry” employees, including the highly unpopular TSA screeners and the ever-accommodating flight attendants.  There they were, doing their jobs.  No tips.  Few thanks.  But showing up for work on time and making our lives easier.


Tour Guides.  Travel agents.  Waitresses.  Maids.  Mechanics.  Bus drivers.  Clerks. The list is too long. 


Thank you.  I am grateful. 


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