When in Lima…


I am tempted to say, “When in Lima, do what the Lemons do…” but that would be a really bad joke.


Our first two days in Peru were spent in Lima, population, about 8 million people, a World Class City!   We were not walking off the airplane into an American city.  No need to travel if you want to repeat your experiences of life in America.


South America is happening!  The new Pope is from South America.  In fact, he is there this week.  The Olympics are scheduled for South America for the first time ever.  Next year’s World Cup will be in South America.


Most of us are ignorant of South American history.  I was.  Still am.  North Americans are proud of the first permanent English settlement, Jamestown, being established in 1607.  Maybe you will be as surprised as I was to discover that Juan Pizarro founded Lima, which is on the Pacific West Coast of South America, in 1535, almost 100 years before Jamestown on the East Coast of North America.  That was startling to me.


Though I love the familiar tastes, smells, and habits of home, when I travel, I believe in experiencing the flavors, aromas, and customs of my host country.  So, on our first day in Lima, we ate ceviche (raw fish marinated in lime juice with some South American spices) as well as alpaca burgers.  Don’t tell my Baptist friends, but I also drank a Pisco sour. I bought an appropriate hat.  A fine start to a great trip!


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