Serendipity–My favorite travel word (Maybe my favorite life word!)


My experience is that, after a few days, castles, cathedrals and historic sites tend to run together in a blah blah blah repetition–whether you are in Scotland, France or Peru.  Too much.  Overload.  The sites become a blur, no matter how stunning.

Serendipities help.  We had two in the Sacred Valley of Peru.  

1)  We made it to the top of a hill that was, at a minimum, daunting, and, possibly, impossible, for us to climb.  Lake, age 12, ran to the top, the conquering hero.  We weren’t as fast, but we made it.

2) In Pisac, Peru, where our tour group stopped for shopping at an outdoor market, an unscheduled parade of small children was happening.  Pure joy.  Kids being kids. Native Peruvian dress. Dancing. Smiles, which are good in every language.  (I took my first ever iPhone video but I have not yet figured out how to post it.  Maybe soon.  It’s fun to watch.)


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4 thoughts on “Serendipity–My favorite travel word (Maybe my favorite life word!)

  1. In Cusco, around the same time, Daniel and I saw a parade of children in colourful dress in the main plaza. Our guide said it was an annual parade in which kids who receive social assistance come together to give thanks. I’m wondering if it might be a national custom that was happening in Pisac the same days as ours in Pisco. A real feeling of party and celebration.

    congrats on the moutain climb. amazing what one can do when inspired…especially at Lake’s age. 🙂

  2. phillips

    Really, I am not disappointed you are having a happy life but really who cares, many of us have happy lives and visit many places. Personally I find interest in the place and never give a thought to what anyone else might think much less dump a lot of very subjective conclusion and photographs on everyone I know,
    Want to see my Egypt photographs? I’m going back in October I’ll send you a photograph of a dead revolutionary.
    Really Marion, are these the things you find important in life after sixty years of living and observing the all the social, political religious machinations not to mention the very deceptive nature of our own minds? Do you think anyone really cares about anyone else’s amusements?
    I am happy you are finding so much enjoyment in life; too bad those devastated by your religious and political positions through the choice of elected officials are not able to go along with you.
    It seems your thinking is trapped in the feel good, blind eye to the suffering, injustice of southern religious thought that has paralyzed our nation. Thanks. It takes me right back to High School.
    By the way you have not removed me from your mailing list as you said you would; good to know traditional christianity is thriving.

    • Gerald, My apology for the second time. Deleting a contact (in AOL) is apparently a two step process and I only did one of the steps. I am not sure where you got your ideas about my politics. Usually, I am at odds with Southern religious thought which is indifferent to human suffering. I have spent 3-4 decades working for economic justice for the poor and catching a lot of grief for it. I think you reacted to my “I am a Patriot” blog which I posted because I am tired of being discounted as neither Christian nor American because of my sometimes liberal views. Anyhow, my intention in blogging is not to offend. In just over a month, over 7000 people have visited my blog, so somebody must like something I am saying. It seems harmless enough to me, but obviously you are offended. Again, I am sorry.

  3. Cousin Peggy

    Wow! My favorite word of wonder? I love the triumphant picture of Lake. Reading your blog is a two step process. I get the email, I open it. I read it. I like it Whew to Phillips. Dead Revolutionary? Profound sadness precedes you. But i do not have to stay there. Peace, love, dove.

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