Your Opinion Counts! (Or, Does it?)


My friend Fuzzy, a bachelor who sometimes traveled with our family, taught me a lesson about opinions and how to travel when you are with a group.

If you have a strong opinion about where to go, what you want to see, how long to stay somewhere, or where to stay, then state it.  Be prepared to hear other equally strong opinions.  But do not sit humbly and frustratingly by, silent, when the group is skipping something that is important to you.

On the other hand, if you have an opinion about everything, then find the grace to keep some of those opinions to yourself and let others have their way occasionally.  There is a difference in being honest and being high maintenance. 

There are good and decent and smart people who chime in on every decision.  They/we need to learn how to shut up.  Be quiet.  Listen.  Your brilliant ideas, while magnificent, may not be exactly what needs to happen next.  Let someone else have a turn.  Do you have to be the lead decision-maker about every restaurant?  About when to take a potty break?  About what time to wake up in the morning?  

Group travel requires compromise.  My grandson wanted to eat the most popular dish in Peru, Guinea Pig, so we went to a restaurant that served Guinea Pig.  It was fine, kinda like eating quail in South Carolina.  


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4 thoughts on “Your Opinion Counts! (Or, Does it?)

  1. Well, at least guinea pigs don’t bark or meow. I remember being in Vietnam and seeing motor bikes with cages on the back stuffed with cats, which were known in restaurants as “Little Tigers.” I was told that dog was very expensive and especially popular at the few Christian restaurants in the country for festive meals like Christmas dinner.

    I don’t suppose there’s any real reason to eat one species and not another, other than cuteness and culture. I also think, intellectually, that if other species are “red of tooth and claw” there’s no reason for humans to be so squeamish.

    But I confess a human failing: I am a hypocrite. I should be a vegetarian given what my heart tells me, especially when it comes to pork — pigs are sooo bright and I understand they know what’s about to happen — but I do like bacon. (Cows, on the other hand, are essentially vegetables on legs.) I just wish animals were better cared for during their rearing and when they go to met their Maker.

    One final thought, reflecting on a ‘carnivore world’ seriously affects my belief in a loving God, especially the kind in the children’s hymn “God Sees the Little Sparrow Fall.” The line ‘If God so loves a little thing,” makes me think of the world of meat, and I hear the last line become ‘I know he’s close a blind eye while I’m torn apart and eaten.’

    Food is so varied and wonderful; I wish I could just shut my brain off and dig in. 🙂

  2. “Cows are vegetables on legs.” I love it! Allan, I do shut my mind off and dig in. I will be condemned for that 100 years from now, I’m sure.

  3. If I haven’t already, I’ll have to tell you about soup #5 sometime, Marion. Great post! And, it’s cool that they serve llama with the guinea pig.

  4. You are absolutely right about compromise in group travel, but my stomach just churned. Ew.

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