Collecting photos from my travels, I have been surprised at how many are pictures of me dancing. 


In college I learned to clog.  Several years ago I came in third-place at Hillbilly Day in Mountain Rest, South Carolina.  Some call it buck dancing, so you will notice in some of the pictures I am dancing with men and not with Sally.  Sally, however, is also a first rate clogger, and we can usually draw a crowd dancing at wedding receptions.


I prepare for trips by reading about wherever I am going.  Several years ago, in preparation for our trip to Greece, I read Zorba, the Greek, by Nikos Kazantzakis, and watched the movie starring Anthony Quinn.  I read this sentence from Zorba the day before sailing from Athens on July 16, 2004: “Happy is the man, I thought, who, before dying, has the good fortune to sail the Aegean Sean.”  How could I not dance in Greece?



Zorba’s theology, at least in this instance, sounds right: “Listen, little one:  neither the seven storeys of heaven, nor the seven storeys of the earth are enough to contain God; but a man’s heart can contain him.” 


In the past few years, I have found myself using the metaphor of dancing to describe life:


  • Go forward a little, then
  • Step back,
  • Advance a bit, then
  • Step back,
  • Move a little to the left,
  • Move a little to the right,
  • Go in a circle,
  • Lead,
  • Follow,
  • Push,
  • Pull,
  • Swing,
  • Embrace,
  • Let go.
  • Sometimes you do a little tap dance.
  • For a while, you dance with one partner, then
  • For a while, you dance with a different partner.
  • Sometimes you step aside and watch other people dance.
  • Sometimes, you finish one dance, then you rest, and you start again.

As the Greeks say, OPA!


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7 thoughts on “Dance!

  1. Robert Oswalt

    I think that God put the urge to dance within our beings as a way to help us express our feelings in ways that nothing else can. Unfortunately we put so many constraints on dancing that we feel ashamed if our dancing ins’t like everyone else’s way of dancing.
    Please keep on dancing Marion and Sally and let the world know that you aren’t afraid to share your joy.

  2. Lamar Wadsworth

    Was it Billy Sunday who said he’d never seen a dancing foot and a praying knee on the same leg? I can’t dance well, but I like your theology better than Billy Sunday’s.

    • Yeah, I’ve heard a preacher say “When the candles are lit, the power goes out,” a derisive opinion about “liberal” churches that light candles as part of their worship. I wonder how the Holy Spirit managed all those years before electricity? Just a reminder that because some preacher (or parent) says it does not make it true!

  3. Cousin Peggy

    Now those are good pictures n keen observations. Looks like Jo n Laura dancing w you in the first one- ok behind you but when we’re on a dance floor together we are all dancing together. Love those Sally clogging feet

  4. And I also see you in the picture, Cousin Peggy.

  5. Loved the post. The photos, even better! 🙂

  6. jearl williams

    Kathy and I took clogging lessons years ago. Much fun. Still have some happy feet.

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