Graces I Have Experienced when Grieving


The only thing this blog post has to do with travel is that I am going to San Antonio, Texas, in September to make a presentation about “Overcoming Grief” at Lackland Air Force Base  I asked Facebook friends to add to a short list I had created about Graces I experienced after the deaths of my Mother, my Dad and my friends Fuzzy and Dabber.  I suppose 100 people responded with additions.  Here is the new list, and a picture of my friend Fuzzy, whom we miss every day.  


The Grace of Activity

The Grace of Appropriate Words

The Grace of Balance

The Grace of Challenge

The Grace of Charity

The Grace of Clarity

The Grace of Closure

The Grace of Family

The Grace of Flowers

The Grace of Food

The Grace of Forgiveness

The Grace of Friends

The Grace of Grace

The Grace of Gratitude

The Grace of Growth

The Grace of Housekeeping

The Grace of Hugs

The Grace of Humor and Laughter

The Grace of Kindness

The Grace of Limits

The Grace of Love

The Grace of Memories and Stories

The Grace of Music

The Grace of Photographs

The Grace of Prayer

The Grace of Presence

The Grace of Receiving Love

The Grace of Release from Obligation

The Grace of Relief

The Grace of Reunion

The Grace of Scripture

The Grace of Seeing Suffering End

The Grace of Sharing

The Grace of Silence

The Grace of Sleep

The Grace of Sacrifice

The Grace of Tears

The Grace of Time

The Grace of a Glass of Wine

The Grace of a New Normal

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14 thoughts on “Graces I Have Experienced when Grieving

  1. Debra Branson

    Grace of comfort.
    Grace of knowing God has a plan.

  2. Lamar Wadsworth

    The grace of a simple remembrance on All Saints Day. When my mother died in November 2008, we were told that we could not have her funeral at the church where she was an active member for 52 years because we had asked two women to read scripture at the service. Our church, Heritage Baptist in Cartersville GA, honored Mother like one of its own and gave her the homegoing she deserved. November 1, 2009–All Saints Day–without explanation or comment, Mother’s name was included on the list of members of Heritage who had died within the past year. Quite possibly the first posthumous transfer of church membership in Baptist history.

  3. John Lepper

    Thanks for posting this. I thought of two more: The grace of silence when appropriate. The grace of words when appropriate.

  4. Gail

    The grace of new lives…grandchildren, especially,

  5. Helen Phillips

    The grace of “kindred spirits” who see you through.

  6. Terry Wilson

    The grace of discovering that suffering and happiness can coexist

  7. Anne Reed

    To me the grace of comfort is so significant…as stated on FB, hearing the voice of a loved one again is huge, like a phone message.

  8. Jim Davis

    The grace of friendships renewed!

    • Jim, Getting this from you makes me smile! Can you believe Fuzzy and Larry are gone? Send me your schedule and I will come watch your team play.

    • Rev. Marti Slater

      When my husband died the friend who led me to Christ drove from Georgia to NC to attend his funeral. We had drifted apart and her presence was the greatest gift. We have both moved (she from Georgia and I from NC) to Alaska and are roomates and one of life’s great adventures.

  9. Betty LeClair

    The grace of reflection.

    When my mother, father, and sister died (each death about 7 or 8 years apart)
    I was always amazed by the flood of special wonderful memories that surfaced in my mind. How comforting!!!

  10. Moree Leatherman

    The grace of accepting forgiveness

  11. Marty

    the grace of brotherhood, both real (Edmund) and forged (Sig Ep, etc.)

  12. JEarl

    An impressive list and good timing. Tomorrow I plan to attend my friend’s funeral…Charles Harvey

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