Swimming in South Carolina, without Going near a Pool, a Lake or the Ocean


The word is HUMIIDITY.

During the month of August, I decided to up my daily walking average from two miles each day to three miles.  Two miles each day is a lovely way to exercise.  Thirty-five minutes.  My pace is almost four miles per hour.  I wear out two pair of shoes each year.  Two miles is enough time to clear the mind, to meditate, to speak to a few people in the neighborhood.  If I am traveling, I get to see about two miles worth of the flora, fauna and sites of a different world, usually in the morning before everyone else is up and stirring about.  This August took me to no other cities, states or countries.  Every inch I walked was in Columbia, South Carolina.  Ninety-seven percent humidity this morning.  No breeze.  It’s like taking a morning swim without benefit of the refreshing coolness of a pool.

 Averaging three miles each day (pardon my whining) turns out to be more like work.  It takes me an hour to cover 3.5 miles.

 Southern women, I have been told, do not perspire.  Instead, they are said to glisten.  After three miles in this heat and humidity, even Southern women cannot avoid sweating. 

 In spite of my frequent complaints, I succeeded.  I perambulated a total of 100.5 miles in August, 30 days out of 31, averaging 3.2 miles each day.  I found $1.26. 





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3 thoughts on “Swimming in South Carolina, without Going near a Pool, a Lake or the Ocean

  1. George M. Rossi

    In case one was looking for more walking variety or a change of pace in Columbia metro, may I suggest the Lake Murray dam walk (3.2 miles roundtrip) from the Irmo to Lexington side or the reverse. Parking is free on the Lex side. Also, the Congaree National Park in lower Richland county has some good trails and scenery. The dam walk obviously has no charge and entrance into Congaree NP is free too.

    • So, I have dropped sweat from Katmandu to the Brooks Range in Alaska. Glisten, my eye. Guess that was before I knew anything southern. Still proud of that sweat though.

    • You can walk up to ten miles at Congaree, and I have done that twice. But the water needs to be down or the trails are impassible. Or impassable.

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