I love color.  Some people might think my palate is skewed toward orange, but I like all colors:  red, yellow, black, white, orange, purple, teal, pink, chocolate, indigo, chartreuse, silver and gold.  Did you know Crayon produces 120 different colors?

 Print shops use a system called Pantone that can create over 2000 colors or “tones.”  They select a “color of the year.”  In the year 2000, they chose cerulean.  Who knew?  For 2014, they chose radiant orchid.

 If I could, I would wear bolder colors but the fashion industry dictates otherwise for men.  I compensate by wearing bright ties.  Julie and Tom recently gave me some colorful socks that may change my life!

 The best colors come from the natural world.  One of the most interesting class assignments I ever heard of was during my first year at Clemson.  An art or architecture professor gave students a color palate of twenty or thirty dyes.  The teacher told them to find a color in nature to match the tints and hues they had been given.  My friend gathered…

  • A Blue Jay Feather.
  • A Brown Pecan.
  • A Gray Oyster Shell.
  • A Green Loblolly Pine Needle.
  • A Magenta Rhododendron Flower Petal.
  • A Pink Mushroom.
  • A Red Holly Berry.
  • A Yellow Dandelion.
  • An Orange Maple Leaf.
  • Red Carolina Clay.
  • The Silver of Fool’s Gold.
  • White Queen Anne’s Lace.

It was impossible to take the Blue Sky back to the classroom, or a Multi-colored Sunrise or Sunset.  The students could not carry the haze from the Blue Ridge Mountains inside for the professor to see.  South Carolinians have not seen fields of Indigo for a few centuries.  Rainbows could not be pasted to the assignment sheets the students had been given.  The White Brilliance of snow and the sparkle of a waterfall were not available for them to use as examples.

 Everyday everywhere, there is color. 

In our garden, in our neighborhood, and in nearby parks, there are very few days throughout the year when flowers are not blooming.

I love color.  All colors.  Especially orange.




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4 thoughts on “Color

  1. My brain is colored coded !!! (I’m a former art teacher).!!!!! I know EXACTLY what you mean!!!

  2. JEarl

    Agree…what would we miss if we saw only in black and white! I love colors too and especially the colors of Fall. Isn’t it interesting also how colors affect our moods?

  3. Let us all take a moment to bow down to the king of color reception: the Mantis Shrimp. If their brains are capable of interpreting colors in the same way we humans do, they get to see the most amazing rainbows that anything on this whole planet can conceive. Do any women who read this blog know if they are one of the few special tetrachromats?

  4. Bill

    I’ll be paying more attention to colors–thanks for the nudge

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