The Best Meal of the Day


Breakfast, of course!

This morning I had a hankering for some country ham and grits with red-eye gravy.  I suppose there are different recipes for red-eye gravy but Daddy taught me to put some coffee into the skillet and stir.  Put that on the grits and—voila—a meal fit for Southerners.

 Yesterday, I made French toast and had some Four Oaks sausage with it. 

My grandson Lake, who likes my breakfasts, will come up to our house occasionally and eat with me before he goes to school.  His favorite is anything with blueberries—blueberry muffins, blueberry pancakes.  We also like banana waffles and pecan waffles.  My two sweeteners of choice are sourwood honey and real maple syrup. 

 I drink coffee.  It is an addiction.

Then I take a walk.  That’s been my routine for 10-20 years, not sure how long. 

I love mornings!  I look forward to every day.

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2 thoughts on “The Best Meal of the Day

  1. JEarl

    Good for you…sounds like a wonderful way to start the day….especially with your grandson. Personally I have never cared that much for breakfast though my Mom always prepared a delicious one with her “homemade” biscuits…and we always had honey or molasses. My favorite meal is lunch or brunch..or whatever comes second. Fascinating how we all differ in our preferences….makes for interesting relationships.

  2. Lee Barker

    Try homemade sweet potatoe biscuits. My Grandmother often made them for breakfast. Just like her regular fluffy homemade biscuits except she kneaded in freshly baked sweet potatoe which made the biscuits bake up a fluffy orange color. Nothing better with real butter. She always had country ham, sausage or streak of lean, a deep fried bacon of sorts that was breaded. Not the healthiest but certainly very tasty. Always plenty of grits, eggs and hoop cheese as well. A good country breakfast for sure.
    She knew how to start the day with a big breakfast.

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