5 Places to Look for Money


A mid-January Facebook Post:  “With all the New Year activities, I never reported on my December walking: 23 days, 61 and a half miles, and $4.59. Not a bad month.”

 Years ago I began keeping a record of how far I walk every day.  Often, there is a huge difference in how we think we perform and what we actually do.  Saying that I average walking five days a week does not make it so. 

 For ten or fifteen years, every month I have kept a 3 x 5 card on my almost-daily hike, including a note about where I walk.  This log is also a quick index to the places I have traveled over the past decade.

 Early on, I walked at night after work.  At some point, I began to take my daily strolls in the morning.  I walk a 17-minute mile.  I prefer scenic routes, mountain vistas, seashores and state parks. I have a two-mile loop in the neighborhood where I live—35 minutes. 

Sometimes I find myself needing motivation to walk.  That’s especially true on a cold or wet morning or when I am at a motel near an interstate and I’m surrounded by parking lots.  Someone suggested I look for money when I walk.  So I do.  Here are the best places to find money:


1)   High school parking lots.  Apparently, some kids don’t make the effort to bend over and pick up money they have dropped.

2)   Underneath fast food service windows—before the restaurant opens! People drop loose change when they are in a hurry, and don’t bother to pick it up.  (I think it’s kinda tacky to rush in between cars when a fast food window is in use.)

3)   Culs-de-sac and dead end streets.  I don’t know what happens in these places, whether it is sexual or drug-related, or alien visitations, but for some reason, at the deserted end of a road, some people apparently open their doors and spill money.  I have found several large bills in such settings.

4)   Empty parking lots.  My grandson and I were in a Boston shopping mall last week, walking toward a bookstore, and he found a $10 bill.  It’s unusual to find bills, but sometimes you do.  The more in-and-out traffic in the parking lot, the better.  I don’t find much in church parking lots that are used only once a week. 

5)   At gas stations, near the vacuum and air hose area, you can find change. 

Every month that I post my walking record on Facebook, someone remarks, “I want to walk where you walk.”  Now you know where I walk. I’d rather be walking in the woods, but sometimes that option is not available.

Happy hiking!


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One thought on “5 Places to Look for Money

  1. JEarl

    A realistic application of “money doesn’t grow on trees”.

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