The Love of My Life!


Publix was advertising Valentine’s Day cards:  “Buy one, Get one free.”  I thought that was funny.  When I was 10 years old, I might have thought a pair of sweethearts was a good idea.  Two for the price of one.  No longer!

 The phrase “The Love of My Life” has become popular recently.  I like it.  Maybe other folks legitimately have a hard time narrowing down their options.  For me, this is a no-brainer. 

 To be sure, I loved my mother.  Anyone who knows me knows I adore my daughters more than words can express.  Pretty waitresses easily charm me. My friends could give you a short list of actresses whose movies I do not miss.  As a teenager and as a young man, I enjoyed romances that were important.  Affection?  Yes.  Regard?  Yes.  Fondness?  Yes.

The Love of My Life?  Sarah Craig Aldridge, known to all as Sally.   For 40-plus years Sally has bewitched me.  Who can explain love?  We can be independent and we can be together.  But, she is the One and Only.  She is the Love of My Life. 

Thanks, Sally.  Happy Valentine’s Day.



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8 thoughts on “The Love of My Life!

  1. Bill

    Great assessment and great luck you’ve had–

  2. Some of it is luck. Some of it is hard work.

  3. Orey Gracey

    I can see and believe what you say. We love Sally too–in our own way. Orey

  4. Mary Knox

    Aw-w-w-w–!! How sweet.

  5. ramin

    Very nice,
    Happy valentine to both of you…
    I can see the love when you look at her
    all you told above I feel in your care

  6. jearl williams

    Only in later years do we discover what love really is.

  7. Such a sweet post! So inspiring to see a love so true and everlasting!

  8. Hey, ya’ll, Sweet is what I was going for…

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