Products and Services Associated with Places

This project/list began as a travel aid: What is a country known for that a tourist might enjoy? If I’m going to Denmark, surely I want to eat a Danish pastry. If I were in Sweden, wouldn’t a Swedish massage be a good idea? A Cuban cigar in Havana? Wouldn’t a Swiss watch be an appropriate souvenir from Switzerland?

Of course, words being words, with interesting histories, the country’s name may miss the point entirely. Panama hats are made in Ecuador, but originally were shipped out of the port of Panama, thus the name. In Scotland, what we call Scotch is merely whiskey. The French may stare at you with incomprehension if you ask for French fries. Even when I speak French, the folks in Paris stare at me with incomprehension. Merci, tout le monde.

Belgian chocolate
Belgian waffle
Brazil nut
Canadian bacon
China doll
Chinese checkers
Cuban cigar
Danish pastry
Dutch chocolate
Egyptian cotton
English muffin
English peas
English saddle
French bread
French fries
French toast
German chocolate cake
German engineering
Greek yogurt
Hungarian goulash
Irish coffee
Irish linen
Irish stew
Italian cream cake
Japanese maple
Mexican jumping beans
Moroccan oil
Panama hat
Polish sausage
Russian roulette
Scotch whiskey
Siberian tiger
Swedish massage
Swedish meatballs
Swiss cheese
Swiss watch
Turkish bath
Turkish delight
Welsh rarebit

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2 thoughts on “Products and Services Associated with Places

  1. Des frites. Qu’est-ce-que le différence entre un biberon Belge et un biberon Francais? Le biberon Belge ha un frites dedans.

  2. Gerald Aldridge

    Think I’ll pass on the Russian Roulette!

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