Third Blog on Baltic Sea Cruise: Being a Tourist



Every now and then I write high-minded thoughts about the great philosophical, theological and political questions of life. But make no mistake: I love to play. I love to see new sites, experience new sensations, hear new sounds.


While there is a season to ponder larger-than–life matters, there is also a time to gawk and just say, “Wow!” So, on our cruise to eight nations bordering the Baltic Sea, we did a lot of things that tourists do—we laughed a lot, we danced a bit. I smoked a couple of cigars and drank excellent coffee sitting at outdoor cafes with my friend Randy Wright. We ate too much. When we returned from the Russian ballet (Swan Lake), the cruise ship offered us vodka shots. I’ve never had a vodka shot in my life but ended up drinking Sally’s as well. Then somebody else’s. Don’t need to do that again, but it was my one time to be in Russia, so…


Great, memorable, stunning, interesting, humorous, awesome, impressive experiences and sites. Life is good. God is good.


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2 thoughts on “Third Blog on Baltic Sea Cruise: Being a Tourist

  1. Dottie

    WHAT a time! I’m sure you’ll never forget a minute of it all!! Good!

  2. This made me smile. Thank you for always making me smile!

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