A Father’s Toast at His Daughter’s Wedding (by Marion Aldridge)

270560_10100099443636078_3746452_n Julie and Tom come from parents and families that have been good examples to them for almost three decades. I am grateful that their success in marriage does not depend on one of us giving a brilliant toast on this wedding night that will give them the keys to success. They already possess those keys. Now it is time for them to live out what they already know. Pray for love, but not for perfection. Learn to live with failure, for it will come, and then pray for grace to move on and let go. Pray for plenty of time to walk through life together, and a bit of time for independence. Enjoy beauty. Value truth. Work hard. Take naps. Listen to one another. Listen. Listen. Treat one another as adults. Good marriages need two strong and competent partners. Be responsible. Be smart. Be kind. Be patient. Forgive. Hang in there. Keep on keeping on. Show up. Be patient for the right reasons and be impatient for the right reasons. Be happy. Eat well. Sleep well. Keep growing.

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4 thoughts on “A Father’s Toast at His Daughter’s Wedding (by Marion Aldridge)

  1. Jonathan Craig

    This is awesome.

  2. J. Earl

    Especially like: ” Listen to one another: Listen, Listen”

  3. S. Boone

    Listen … and if you must squint with your ears 😉

  4. Excellent advice!

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