My Favorite Religious Movies

By religious, I mean movies about faith, not necessarily Christian or so-called family values. Sometimes, the movies ask tough questions. They are not always inspirational. I have never particularly liked movies about Jesus, because, in my opinion, no movie even comes close to depicting Jesus as I understand him. I suspect the Jesus of history does not resemble the Jesus of motion pictures.

For religious movies, the bar is pretty low, but there are some classics. These are in alphabetical order, not in the order of my preference.

A Man Called Peter

  1. A Man for All Seasons
  2. Amazing Grace
  3. Ben Hur
  4. Brother Sun, Sister Moon
  5. Chariots of Fire
  6. Dead Man Walking
  7. Eat, Pray, Love
  8. Elmer Gantry
  9. Entertaining Angels
  10. Fiddler on the Roof
  11. Gandhi
  12. Going My Way
  13. Lilies of the Field
  14. Malcolm X
  15. Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
  16. Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
  17. Saved
  18. Shoes of the Fisherman
  19. Song of Bernadette
  20. Soul Surfer
  21. The Bells of St. Mary’s
  22. The Chosen
  23. The Hiding Place
  24. The Mission
  25. The Nun’s Story
  26. The Passion of Joan of Arc
  27. The Robe
  28. The Scarlet and the Black

Which movies would you add to this list?


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15 thoughts on “My Favorite Religious Movies

  1. John Bradley

    Ah yes, Chariots of Fire. Not only my favorite movie about religion, but my favorite running movie well. Wonderful movie. There’s another great “religious” movie on here with Kevin Spacey. I need to try and remember the name of it. Its not a traditional Christian movie per se, but it works. Finally, while not a Christian movie (and a very odd movie, overall), the character John C. Reilly plays in “Magnolia,” is one of my favorite Christian “characters” in recent film.

    • Somebody by email suggested :Jesus Camp” which I have not seen. Also, Babbette’s Feast and Schindler’s List, which I have seen and are wonderful.

  2. Mary Frances Thompson

    I think this is the right movie. The Apostle with Robert Duvall.

  3. Dottie

    Hmmm, thank you, Marion. Food for thought. It’s hard to find a good movie nowadays. I’ll look into more of these.

  4. Doug Ward

    Shawshank Redemption If the scene in the sewer escape from prison and subsequent glory of escape in the stream does not remind us of descending into hell and resurrection…nothing will.

  5. Doug, You are the second person to add Shawshank Redemption. Good catch.

  6. J. Earl

    Sound of Music?

  7. Beverly Greer

    Oh, God! with George Burns, John Denver and Teri Garr. One of my favorite quotes from this movie is, “If you find it hard to believe in me, maybe it would help you to know that I believe in you.”

  8. Why not, Earl? Someone suggested Schindler’s List.

  9. Pam Light

    Walking Across Egypt.

  10. There is a wonderful stage play based on the book. Greenville Little Theater performed it last year. I do not know the movie either.

    • Frank, You’ve got to give me a better clue than that! I saw “God’s Man in Texas” at Trustus Theater in Columbia a few years ago, a sad story about W.A. Criswell’s resistance to retiring and letting go.

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