We didn’t talk so much about mentors when I was growing up through my teens, twenties and thirties. I like that term and I also like the word “elders.” Every culture, from the Navajo to the Kurds had and has elders, men and women who invest time and energy in intentionally training, educating, demonstrating, forming, and mentoring those who are younger how to grow older. Here is my list of friends, more or less chronologically, who gave me knowledge of what it means to mature, to grow up. Some of these souls are no longer with us, and I don’t want to lose any more before giving a public Shout Out to…

Julian Bugg

Jerry and Jane Howington

Larry Abernathy

Herman McGee

Fuzzy Thompson

Charlie Shedd

Bob Stevens

Vernon Grounds

Horace Hammett

Henlee Barnette

Glen Stassen

Paul Carlson

Bob Mulkey

Howard McClain

Shelden Timmerman

Bill Bishop

Beth McConnell

Loretta Gunter

Ted Godfrey

Joe Darby

Randy Wright

I have great gratitude and Thanksgiving to those who influenced me immeasurably as a young adult and to those who are still making a difference in my life.

Parents Carlton and Allene Aldridge, wife Sally Craig Aldridge, daughters Jenna and Julie, as family, have all taught me more than words can say and are in a league of their own.

Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Mentors

  1. Christine Gittoes

    What a beautiful way to acknowledge and credit people who have just been themselves but who have given you inspiration and support in your life . Ted and Marcie were instrumental in teaching us to be open hearted in all that life throws at you whilst you Marian showed us how important it was to stay with your beliefs and values whilst many around you were exhibiting prejudice and discrimination which can only lead to unjustified hurt and pain . We only spent a small time with you all but your influence was great. Much love Chris and John Gittoes

    • Hello Christine, Good to hear from you.Hope life is good on the other side of the Pond. We have been blessed beyond reason over here, and the relationships we have enjoyed with people like you are the key. Ted and Marcia have been great friends over the years. My girls are grown and married and I have one grandchild, age 13. I am now retired and writing and leading workshops, for example, on grief, on growing old. on humor, on race relations. Every week is different but that has always been true of my life. Take care of yourself.

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