What I’m Giving Up for Lent…

Richard Rohr has been a hero for the past year or two.  His insights in Falling Upward are right on regarding the different tasks we have as young adults and as older adults.

Younger, we accept what we are taught, else we are burned by the stove or killed by the car coming down the street.

Older, we should learn to think for ourselves, how to use a stove properly and how to cross a street safely.  Or, we can choose not to cross the street, Or to drive a car.  Or a truck.  At any rate, we should learn to think for ourselves and not automatically do what Mom and Dad and our church and our culture taught us.

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Today, Richard Rohr wrote:

“The biblical tradition hopes to reveal that whenever the prophetic function is lacking in any group or religion, such a group will very soon be self-serving, self-maintaining, self-perpetuating, and self- promoting. When the prophets are kicked out of any group, it’s a very short time until that group is circling the wagons around itself, and all sense of mission and message is lost. I am afraid this is the natural movement of any institution. Establishments of any kind usually move toward their own self-perpetuation, rather than “What are we doing for others?”

Marion’s observation: We have lost (if we ever had it and used it) the ability to think. We are not even critical of what others say, meaning we don’t process the information–Is this really true or merely words that sound true? Unable or unwilling to critique others–Christians, Muslims, Jews, Republicans and Democrats, we certainly don’t evaluate ourselves very effectively.

Tomorrow begins Lent. Good time for us to give up something — such as getting our news and our opinions from the usual sources. As I’ve done the last few years, among other Lenten disciplines, I’m giving up Facebook for Lent. I recommend giving up your usual news sources, whether Fox News or NPR.  Why not give the fear-mongers a rest for the next month and a half? We will all be better for it.

One year, I attempted to give up complaining and failed miserably.  But at least I became aware of how much I complained.

So this year, I will try to give up FEAR for Lent.  I will attempt to keep fear instilled by politicians, broadcasters, emails, Facebook and friends at bay.

Prophets, Angels and Jesus say, Fear Not.

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6 thoughts on “What I’m Giving Up for Lent…

  1. Lee Barker

    FDR said ” The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

    I agree with Jesus, ” Fear Not, for I am with you. ”
    “There will always be trouble in this world but be of Good Cheer, for I have overcome the World.”

    Praise God! We all do spend too much time fearing things that are real and unreal, things that are known and unknown. Let’s simply fear God in a positive way and be done with it. After all. the fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom.

    I agree that giving up Fear, Worry and Complaining is a good thing to do as difficult as it is. I am going to make a daily effort to do so. Our imaginations are so great that we can always come up with many things to fear, worry and complain about. I am going to try and pray the Serenity prayer every morning
    until Easter Sunday!

    Thanks Marion!


  2. Amen, Lee. That will preach!

  3. J. Earl

    Love Rohr also.// As to the rejection of prophets, I think many people would rather be certain than to be in an uncertain state of examining pros and cons of new ideas. When we let go of our cherished beliefs in order to embrace something “better”, it can be a lonely and uneasy path. Psychologically fascinating as to why some folks can change and others cannot. Thanks for the good thoughts.

  4. Change is always hard. Your insights, Earl, are always good.

  5. O.Gracey

    J.Earl is right when he says “It can be lonely and uneasy” to let go previous beliefs and consider new concepts (I’m paraphrasing some here). However, I resist the “let me hide myself in Thee” dogma of
    so many left behind souls. O.Gracey

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