Dear Abby

Reading Dear Abby has been part of my daily newspaper ritual for decades. Certain themes emerge over and over again. Here are five I’ve seen repeated many times, followed by my observations:

  • Misunderstanding the nature of love. Marion’s response: Love is not what you feel when someone makes you feel good. Love is what you do when someone makes you feel bad.
  • Mind reading. Marion’s response: Nobody can know what another human being thinks. If you want your husband to give you yellow roses on your birthday, you have to tell him. Communicate.
  • Pet peeves. Marion’s response: Do you really need to have an opinion about everything? No, you don’t. Pet peeves are, by definition, petty. They don’t need to drive you crazy. Let it go. Find some space for grace in your life. What your mother-in-law or daughter-in-law chooses to wear is not your business. Period.
  • Thoughtlessness.  Marion’s response: We can laugh about a teenager being clueless. When older adults fail to stop and think before speaking or acting, it’s not humorous. It’s depressing and sad. Think!
  • Fear.  Marion’s response: People write Dear Abby who are miserable and desperate because they are afraid of someone’s reaction. Living in fear of an event that may not happen, and probably won’t happen, is a miserable and desperate way to live. Get over it. Move on. Fear not.

Marion D. Aldridge Author of Overcoming Adolescence

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12 thoughts on “Dear Abby

  1. Al Jacobs

    Marion, people who write to Dear Abby are totally fictitious. Somewhere there’s an imaginative copy writer coming up with the most ludicrous situations possible for your amusement. Al

    • I thought I responded to this, but maybe it got erased. I tried to look this up on Snopes, Al, but found nothing. But Patsy’s response is a good one. My counseling people for 25 years as a pastor tells me that truth is stranger than fiction.

  2. I’m not so sure Al. Remember that I was a pastor for 25 years and heard and saw unbelievable stuff. So have you.

  3. I love your responses. Maybe you could do your own Dear Marion Article. You have great wisdom in your suggestions.

  4. Patsy Pennington

    So I guess Al thinks a writer scripted the folks on Dr. Phil too and their stories
    are fictitious?

  5. J. Earl

    Really good commentaries. Especially like “misunderstanding the nature of love” and “fear”.

  6. Lee Barker


    Great ideas and very true. Fear plagues us all.

    FEAR—- False

    If it is not freedom threatening or life threatening, it is too inconsequential for one fearful thought.
    Even then, God is in control and we must trust Him. I agree living from fear to fear is indeed a miserable
    way to live. Let’s all vow to let fear go.
    Be of good cheer, Think, Meditate, Pray and Work to solve the many problems that beset us with the help of Almighty God.

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