I Loved High School

These days, it’s cool for people to say they hated their high school years. They will often add that the other students didn’t like them and they didn’t like the other students. Nothing could be further from my experience.

High school was a feast of football and basketball games, sock hops, field trips, proms, cheerleaders and summer camps.

At North Augusta High School, graduating in 1965, we told bad jokes when we were dissecting frogs, and made bad rhymes when we discovered limericks. We enjoyed some quality educators who made learning fun.

I also remember the day we all hid in a closet to confuse our physics professor who was late to class. When we weren’t there, he turned around and left. Of course, even when he wasn’t late, he was confused. Terry Bodiford and I played spitball basketball during his class. That could explain my grades in that class.

I remember the coach whose most memorable counsel was, “Do something, even if it’s wrong.” During the Cuban Missile Crisis, those of us at baseball practice started drilling with our bats. Not long after, each of us has an exact memory of where we were when we heard President Kennedy had been shot.

High school was a time of discovery, some of which happened in the classrooms, but more took place in the hallways, on ball fields, in locker rooms, and on afternoons and weekends.

Happy Days!

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17 thoughts on “I Loved High School

  1. Sharon Ewing

    Yep! Loved the story about the physics teacher. I think that is one class that is permanently blocked from my memories.

    • I was talking with my eighth grade grandson yesterday about my eighth grade and I could only remember Mrs. Stillwell (history) and Mrs. Nance (science). I had no memory of math or English classes. Oh yeah, I remember English. They fired the teacher at Christmas because she was pregnant. Married, but still relieved of her job. We read The Cremation of Sam McGee.

  2. Montague McDaniel

    Omg is my sweet reply to you! What a writer you are and how “sweet it is” to recall those times!

  3. Yeah, I loved HS and had a wonderful time there.

  4. Although it wasn’t a perfect experience, I enjoyed most of high school, too. It has more to do with whether you accepted who you were or not. I did, so it didn’t bother me if I wasn’t popular. I had lots of friends, anyway.

  5. Me too, Monet.

  6. JEarl

    Had a marvelous, stern but compassionate Principal Ms.Hassie K. Gresham. We knew she loved us. We also knew not to get on her bad side. She was unmarried and lived on campus. Each night she read the Bible and Shakespeare which she taught to seniors. A classy lady.

  7. Where did you go to high school, Earl?

  8. Steve Long

    I have great memories of high school and still am in contact with many of my classmates.

  9. Steve, Some of the friendships lasted and some didn’t. Some grew stronger and some didn’t. Someone said some people are in your life forever and some for a season. Makes sense to me.

  10. Virgil Steele

    I loved my high school years too and one of my most wonderful experiences was having a Young Life leader named Marion Aldridge! Many thanks for those great times and wonderful memories my friend…

  11. I loved high school and everything about North Augusta.
    A great place to grow up. I was in my own little world of

    • Peggy, I think we were all in our own little worlds. I read these novels about teenagers who are wise and cynical beyond their years, and I just don’t get it. How can you know all that stuff? You haven’t had enough years. Most of us were just beyond thinking pregnant women had eaten a watermelon seed.

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