High School Cliques—50 years later

Planning a high school class reunion is a hoot—lots of laughter and old jokes. Good memories.

Planning a class reunion elicits other emotions as well. There is the surreal experience of literally not recognizing someone with whom you were close, your lab partner in chemistry, a teammate, even a girlfriend. Of course, they don’t recognize me either. Some of the insecurities of adolescence also return as cliques re-form: the popular boys and girls, the jocks, the beauty queens, the rich kids. If there is a way to divide human beings, we will find a way to do it.

I’ve heard someone say that at class reunions the same ol’ pecking orders emerge.

As my North Augusta High School Class of 1965 has begun to plan its fiftieth reunion, I’ve had a bit of a different take on our so-called cliques. Of course, it’s no fun to be excluded, so there is obviously a negative aspect to dividing ourselves into factions.

But, who else would we hang out with other than the people we knew best? At least five elementary schools fed into our one junior high and then our high school. We merged just fine as far as I recall. But, it’s natural enough that some of my best friends with our own special memories go back to grammar school. Some of us went to the same church. That’s why we were best friends then and good friends still.

Even in high school, we had groups that were exclusive in their own way, but what other option was there? I was never in the band and band folks have a unique bond, an in-group that I was not in! Why wouldn’t they want to hang out together at a reunion? Some classmates went off to the same college and have shared memories of high school and university. Some stayed in town and raised their own kids together. They have been in the same Sunday school class together for forty years.

We can be a bit prickly and paranoid at these events but the time together is worth the effort.

Happy days then. Even happier days now.

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6 thoughts on “High School Cliques—50 years later

  1. Marion. The main reason I don’t go to HS reunions is the same reason I would never live in Florida. There are too many old people there (FYI – I will be 67 in May). Mike Greer

  2. Mike, You gotta Lighten up. You may discover you’ve grown up some. Some of them may have grown as well. And of course, some are still needing to read my book about Overcoming Adolescence!

  3. Montague McDaniel

    Marion you are our historian! and how sweet it is to have your memories unfold?! We all care so very much for each other and hold dear so many shared memories! It is wonderful to see a classmate for the first time in 50 years and I know I speak for so many to say “y’all come to our class reunion!” …and let’s all share great times together …..one more time! Who knows what tomorrow will bring?”.

    • I’ve loved our reunions and the times together in small groups too, such as the reunion committee. We had a good class. Of course, I miss those who are gone, but I do hope everyone who knows of the reunion will attend. Marion

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