The Conspiracy to Keep us Down and Dumb

This (see title) came up in an email conversation this week.  Here is a paragraph I wrote in Overcoming Adolescence about the subject:

One of the saddest attacks of negative nostalgia I have ever encountered was while reading Frank McCourt’s second autobiographical book ‘Tis   His first installment, Angela’s Ashes, was a runaway bestselling account of the grinding poverty of his childhood.  I could not identify with it.  He was more impoverished than anybody I knew.  However, ‘Tis, describing his early years as an Irish immigrant in America, struck home.  His account of moving up the educational and socio-economic ladder recalled, for me, a couple of episodes in my own life.  A family member or a work-buddy in a dead-end job challenged McCourt’s attempt to get an education, to use good grammar, to play by a different set of rules than was valued on the lowest rungs of society.  I identified.  I have heard it all:

  • “Do you think you are better than us now?”
  • “You are getting kind of uppity, aren’t you?”

There was and is a mammoth conspiracy afoot by the ignorant to keep others as wretched as they are!  Misery, we say, loves company.  It makes underachievers feel better if you are failing along with them!

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7 thoughts on “The Conspiracy to Keep us Down and Dumb

  1. Al Jacobs

    “Pilgrim, life is tough but it’s even tougher if you’re stupid.”
    SGT Stryker USMC aka John Wayne – Sands of Iwo Jima

  2. The conspiracy is perpetrated not only by the ignorant, but encouraged as well by a powerful elite to ensure a large class of exploitable people.

  3. J.Earl

    Welcome back! Missed you during Lent.// Works both ways, doesn’t it? Temptation is not to get too far ahead of our peers and so we stifle the knowledge/ experience and ambition we have for fear of rejection or being misunderstood. I’ve always admired those on the cutting edge who were brave enough to break out of the mold….to propose and embrace the new.

  4. Anne Walker

    Amen and Amen!!

    Sent from my iPhone


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