The Pastor’s Guidebook: A Manual for Worship


Stubbornly, I’ve resisted promoting or even talking about the two worship manuals I wrote three decades ago.  I wanted people to know about and purchase my most recent book, Overcoming Adolescence.  The strange thing is that The Pastor’s Guidebook:  A Manual for Worship still sells far more copies without me ever mentioning it.

I am breaking my silence.

I am proud of this book.  Not everyone needs a copy, but every seminarian or pastor should have a book like this.  If you are curious at all about why ministers do what they do during worship, this volume is a good baseline to answer such questions.  I wrote it out of necessity, because nothing like this existed in Baptist life–something that explained why we did what we did in worship.  Most of us just mimicked what our pastor had done.  In five years of seminary, I never had a course in worship.  One day, in our preaching class, the professor talked about worship.  That’s embarrassing but true.

All my books can be bought on Amazon.  If you want me to sign one and send it to you, send me $20.

If you own one and would be willing to write a review on Amazon, that would be a kindness and an act of friendship.

The Pastor’s Guidebook: A Manual for Worship, Broadman, 1984 (Over 25,000 copies sold…)

Each chapter includes brief Biblical, theological and historical rationale for the baseline corporate worship experiences of congregations:

  • Lord’s Day Worship
  • Baptism
  • Lord’s Supper
  • Christian Marriage Ceremony
  • Funeral
  • Parent-Child Dedication
  • Other Dedication/Installation Services
  • Ordination
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One thought on “The Pastor’s Guidebook: A Manual for Worship

  1. Paul Moore

    A good manual. I use it often. I did have a worship class in seminary but no one class can adequately prepare you for this task, nor should I limit myself to only those ideas I encountered many years ago.

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