Tonight’s Big Game

This is how sports fans think. (By the way, neither Jesus nor Buddha approved this message.)

Since Clemson plays Alabama tonight for the National Championship, I am in Big Game mode. Though I am not a superstitious person, I have certain clothes I have worn on each Game Day this season and we have a 14-0 record. Why take a chance? The socks are covered in tiger paws and the underwear is orange. The clothes, unlike those of seriously superstitious folks, are clean.

I traveled to Framingham, Massachusetts, to watch the game with my daughter Julie and my son-in-law Tom. This event is not to be watched alone in New Hampshire.

This morning, as always, I took a walk. As usual, I found money. Since I haven’t walked on these roads and in these parking lots in a while, the pickings were plentiful. Pennies here and there. A nickel. A couple of dimes.

28 cents, then,

33 cents, then, I began thinking like a sports fan. What if Clemson scored a point for every cent I found?

33 points? Not sure that was enough, I kept walking. 34, 35, 36 cents. 37, 38.

Ordinarily I love finding quarters and five-dollar bills. But I thought such gaudy numbers might invalidate my thesis.

Then I saw a dime. Perfect. 48 cents, 48 points. Sounds like enough to beat even Alabama.

That, for you sad souls who don’t follow sports, is how sports fans think!

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21 thoughts on “Tonight’s Big Game

  1. Anonymous

    Roll Tide!

  2. Bill Bruster

    Good luck tonight.

  3. A plug nickel, whatever that is, says your “wrong” again. Roll Tide.

  4. I’d be glad for 48 points, but whatever it takes to win is enough for me. Go Tigers!

  5. Al Jacobs

    Marion, do people in Mass even know that colleges play football? Or that Clempson is spelled with a “P”?

    • The Dartmouth Green won a share of the Ivy League in 2015, and I have a few athletic department folks in the church. So, yeah, they know, but it is a different league!

  6. Dee Earnest

    I am not the one that said roll tide, but I am a “two bit tide fan” RTR, Big Dee

  7. I didn’t go to Phoenix, but I sent my sons. They are rocking it in Glendale as we speak. I’m wearing my orange all day long. Come 8 PM, the world stops as far as I’m concerned. Time for some football! Go Tigers.

  8. Anonymous

    If Clemson wins the national championship and I win the Powerball lottery, this will have been one of my better weeks.

  9. Anne Walker

    As always, love your post! Go Tigers!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  10. Jim Hattler

    It was a great game Marion but they fell a “few cents short” unfortunately. Enjoy your stay up north. I will miss our morning chats though.

  11. Great game but painful. I’m not a moral victory kind of guy. We didn’t win. Life moves on. Thanks for your condolences.

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