First Weeks in New Hampshire

It’s cold. It snows. A lot. The wind blows. If you don’t shovel the snow frequently, it piles up.

I came. I saw. I shoveled.

In New Hampshire, snow does not appear to slow anything or anyone down. Well, it slows me down. Dean Smith’s Four Corners never stalled as much as I do. But really, snow’s not that bad. So far.

All the locals are kind enough to tell me we’ve had an easy, mild winter. Light snow. Two inches twice. Four inches once. I’m grateful. May this gentle weather continue.

People go to work. They go to church. They go to the grocery store. They play tennis. Indoors. I suppose they get their nails done. Any business that closes for snow will go out of business. Life moves on in New Hampshire.

Actually, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how painless it has been to adapt. So far. The temperature’s been above freezing only a day or two since I arrived (It is 9 degrees this morning), but if I dress appropriately, I’m fine. I prefer walking outdoors in twenty-degree weather than on a treadmill. The sidewalks are cleared immediately just as the streets are, so there’s no slipping and sliding. The scenery is a winter wonderland. I saw a small herd of deer running through the woods a few days ago. Icy rivers are a new experience for me, fascinating. I may tire of this beauty, but not yet.

Shoveling snow has been easier than I expected. I dreaded the process, but snow is lighter to scoop, by far, than South Carolina red clay. I can clear a fairly large amount of snow in 10 or 15 minutes. Much longer is less fun. Removing the crunchy ice that is pushed into the driveway by the highway scrapers is undeniably work. Still, it’s the price of living in this part of the world. Snow and ice must be accommodated, like hurricanes in South Carolina and earthquakes in California.

This is a good day and this is a good place to be alive. I’m happy to be here.

Marion D. Aldridge

363 Dartmouth College Highway

Lebanon, New Hampshire 03766

January 19, 2016

PS: Many friends asked me to keep them posted about my six months in New Hampshire. I will continue to publish my blog, but putting pictures on Facebook is a hoot. A snapshot of the clear space where I just shoveled snow is gratifying and worth something, but that same area covered with a new thick blanket of snow 24 hours later is priceless! So friend me on FB or, if you are a friend already, check out my photos. Lots of white precipitation in these parts. Snow. Snow. Snow. And cold. And windy.

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6 thoughts on “First Weeks in New Hampshire

  1. JEarl

    Impressed with the way you are adapting

  2. I don’t want to get too cocky too soon. Everybody says this is mild so far.

  3. Gerald Aldridge

    Remarkable that the snow survives considering all the election hot air being generated!

  4. Jim Hattler

    Must have been the weights you have been carrying on your walks in the AM that got you attuned to the snow!!! Let’s see how you react when you get the first big snow, finish shoveling the driveway and have the snow plow drop by after you are all through depositing another 3′ at the end of your driveway…arrggh! Boy do I miss my childhood growing up in Buffalo!!!

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