Walking in New Hampshire—January 2016

“We humans are creatures of the last five minutes.  In one study, people who found a dime on the pavement a few minutes before being queried on the happiness question reported higher levels of satisfaction with their overall lives than those who did not find a dime.”  Eric Weiner, The Geography of Bliss

Most months, on Facebook, I give a simple account of my walking for the month, usually how many miles and how much money I found. Years ago, I began keeping a record of miles walked every day on a 3X5 card. It was too easy to kid myself without accountability. I might tell someone, “I walk two or three miles five or six times a week,” but it just wasn’t so. Since I have kept an accurate account, my mileage has gone up.

Somewhere along the way, I began to note how much money I found.

Finding money makes me happy.

I love it when somebody tells me, in person or on social media, “My husband and I found a $5 bill when we were walking yesterday and we thought of you.” Three times this week, someone Facebooked they found money while walking and thought of me. I love it. Keep it up. Pray for me while you’re at it.

Because I have been in New Hampshire for most of the month of January, I haven’t found much money. The snow has covered it. I predict a windfall when the snow melts. Three or four dollars! If other people don’t beat me to it.

The snow and cold has slowed me down some with regard to walking, but I’m doing better than I thought I would. This is a beautiful area, even when it’s cold. New Hampshire and Vermont (I am just a few miles from Vermont) keep their streets and sidewalks clear because people need to get around, even in winter.

Here are my January stats:

21 days

48 miles

4 states

7 towns/cities (from Edisto Beach, SC to Woodstock, VT)




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2 thoughts on “Walking in New Hampshire—January 2016

  1. Anonymous

    Marion, Sounds like you are doing well. We love hearing from you. RD and Sherry

    • Thanks, RD and Sherry, I am doing well. It’s 50 degrees outside, and I’m walking every day, preaching every Sunday. Julie and Tom were up here this weekend for a visit. Hope ya’ll are well. Sally keeps me posted.

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