Turning off the Noise

People ask me why I’ve not published my blog the last few months. My response is that I’ve not wanted to add to the noise.

At least in sports we’re honest enough to call the racket, “trash talk.”

A friend once explained to me why a meeting had taken so long: “Everything had been said, but not everyone had said it.”

That’s how I felt the past few months. I would have been adding to the uproar. So I stayed quiet.

When our oldest daughter was a child, my wife’s favorite children’s book was Jill Murphy’s Five Minutes’ Peace. Note this was Sally’s favorite book, not necessarily Jenna’s. The idea was that a harried, frazzled mother needed, not an entire day off, or a week’s vacation, just five minutes alone in the bathtub when she wouldn’t be bothered by the demands of being a mom.

God, from this frenzy, give us five minutes’ peace.

Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh wrote, “Stopping, calming, and resting are preconditions for healing. When animals in the forest are wounded they find a place to lie down and rest completely for many days . . . They just rest and get the healing they need.”

It’s not an accident that the language of spirituality includes words that encourage us to call “Time out” occasionally.







Ecclesiastes, chapter 3, says, “There’s a time to speak and a time to be silent.”

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18 thoughts on “Turning off the Noise

  1. Jim Hattler

    You may have been quiet but your mind wasn’t. Very well put!!!

  2. tedardsf

    Welcome thoughts, Marion.

  3. So true. That’s why I’ve gone off Facebook.

  4. Marion, you have been a huge bright spot in my life. I am thankful for you wisdom and insight. I will miss you, but pray your ministry up North is fruitful and you return soon. So much of what I held to be true has been proven wrong in the past few months. Maybe I need a time of quiet also.

  5. Sherry Bomar

    I have a whole day of quiet–Saturday. That is not to say there is some noise, or that I am idle, but that is the day that I try to relinquish my mind to God. It helps more than I can say.

    I will miss you in Sunday School, Marion. Stay well and keep in touch.

  6. Monet, you are a bright spot in my life as well. I’ll miss you and the writing group. Quiet is good. It almost always is.

  7. Julie Lybrand

    You have a wonderful way with words. Like Sally, Five Minutes of Peace was a favorite children’s book back in the day. We have a well worn copy!

  8. Brena Walker

    Thanks, Marion. We need your new message now. I too am working on being calm and also learning to work with things that seem unacceptable.

  9. Anonymous

    I’ve missed you Marion! When I arrive early for an appointment I take just a few minutes behind the wheel to relax, and if necessary, prepare for the appointment. Like you say it is not the duration but the practice.


    Hi Marion, I too treasure silence. However, I require far more than five minutes (don’t know how Moms do it – much admiration).

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