2017-03-07 16.25.23.jpgAs much as I walk, I rarely go through cemeteries. No reason. They just aren’t convenient to my usual routines. Maybe I’ll change my habits.

In New Canaan, Connecticut, I’m only a few blocks from the town center, so that’s the direction I’ve been hiking, looking, of course, for the best pastries in town.

Today, I went the other direction, down the hill, and entered a cemetery. I was amused at the names on the monuments:


Grave, and my favorite,


I was also amused at the giant brouhaha Americans are having over immigration with the names—


Cheung and

Van Dusen

—all side by side. Probably, they weren’t from Ireland. Or, Native Americans.

I found the mausoleums with stained glass windows kinda interesting. Why would the residents of a cemetery need … oh well.

I think I’m gonna start walking through cemeteries. Who knows what I’ll find next?


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7 thoughts on “Cemeteries

  1. Anonymous

    Marion, cemeteries are a part of life. Unfortunately for folks of our age, it’s now a personal fact of life. So far this year I’ve lost a Citadel 69 classmate every month and there seems to be a waiting list. Just make sure it’s not you, my friend.
    Al Jacobs

    • I’m doing my best, Jake, except maybe when I’m walking… I may be coming down to your part of Georgia this summer. I’ll let you know. Marion

  2. Tami Emond

    Dear Marion,
    I love this blog. As you probably know, a long time ago the wealthy had their pristine parks with manicured lawns, benches, and flora. However, the poor spent their Sunday afternoons picnicking in cemeteries! They were the parks for the working classes. It’s not such a bad place to spend an afternoon… after all, everyone was dying to get in there! HA

  3. Bryce Smith

    Two memorable tomb stones in Earlwood Cemetary, in Columbia, S.C. are finely engraved head stones memorializing two men killed in WW II. One was a PT boat and another was engraved with a B-17 four engine bomber.
    Bryce Smith .

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