About Marion D. Aldridge

Marion D. Aldridge is a popular public speaker, workshop leader and an award-winning writer.  Author of numerous books and hundreds of articles on topics ranging from religion to sports to travel, Marion’s interests are wildly eclectic.   Marion is at home whether watching a minor league baseball game or having High Tea at Harrods or rafting on the Chattooga or worshiping at our planet’s holiest shrines.

Marion may be contacted at 803-413-2734 or mariondaldridge@gmail.com.

Marion’s latest book, Overcoming Adolescence, is part memoir and part self-help, written (in spite of the title) for adults age 30 and up! It is not for teenagers! It may be purchased at Amazon.

The picture at the top of the blog is of rice fields in Bali.

The Pastor’s Guidebook:  A Manual for Worship, has sold over 25,000 copies.  It can be purchased from Amazon:


The Pastor’s Guidebook:  A Manual for Special Occasions is the companion volume.  The link to purchase at Amazon is:



22 thoughts on “About Marion D. Aldridge

  1. Karen McMillin

    Looks good, Marion. I will be watching for your articles. Have fun. Karen

  2. Great start, Marion!

  3. Randy Wright

    Nice. Love “Where the pavement ends…”

  4. Karen McMillin

    Did you get my comment about taking the ‘ out of world’s? I tried to put it under reply, but it would not let me post it. Maybe you will get it this way.

  5. Looks good. Nice kaleidoscope-type graphics on the replies, great picture at the top (where is that – it’s beautiful!), and I also love the title of the blog. Good stuff, looking forward to more.

  6. Anne L. Matthews

    Marion, thanks for including me. You and I have seen many of the same sites in this wonderful world. I look forward to following along and reading your thoughts. I read incessantly, so I will appreciate your book reviews and will get some of them to read.

    Best wishes.


  7. Leah Gore

    I am impressed. Retirement does not slow you down. Your comments reminded of a quote from the movie “Shadowland” about C.S Lewis. “We read to know we are not alone.” I love the name of your blog.

  8. Nice Marion. I’m 61 and cannot see were the pavement ends at the moment but I know it does. Your metaphor of a paved to dirt road is a great image for me. The good news is I’ve been down lots of dirt roads in my life and found great adventure. One of these was the Alaskan highway before it was paved. Our family traveled it when I was 15 as a great family adventure. Another was the road to a small lake house where I learned to fish, ski and do all kinds of building repair and remodel. There are many more that come to mind. I’ll continue to enjoy this paved road I’m on (by the way there a few pot holes) and look forward to wisdom for a trusted mentor as you give reports from the other side.

    Phill Martin

    • Pot holes, bridges out, detours, dead ends, lots of unexpected realities out there. Life can change on a dime. Thanks for your comments, Phill.

  9. Rita Crapps

    I am thoroughly enjoying reading everything you write. But I have always been a bit partial.

  10. Bill Henderson

    Guess I am a late addition, Marion. Been receiving and reading only about 2-3 months but have sent quite a few to friends and particularly my father-in-law, a 91 year old WWII vet who has loved his life of travel. We both enjoy traveling with you. Lead on!
    By the way, I started receiving the bulletin from the new SC Coordinator about the same time. This guy is a hoot! High energy and fresh cultural expression! Hope he can hike the high ground as you have.
    Bill Henderson

  11. Marion, this just gets better and better. I have read most of the travel authors you have mentioned. Someone once told me I have sand in my shoes; guess that is true. Always the next trip in mind.

  12. Charlotte kirkland

    Well you got there Justin time for spring did’nt you! Martha White sent me your Where The Pavement
    Ends” loved it! Charlotte Kirkland

  13. Risher Fairey

    Just came upon this wonderful blog! I was searching for a contact. Will explain later, but I see you are certainly involved in God’s work even in “retirement.” I am looking toward that next step as I celebrate my 63rd birthday and look forward to do some writing and research beyond the academic world. I will look forward to catching up so to speak in the very near future.

    Risher Fairey

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