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Homeward Bound

Having been in New England for ten of the past sixteen months, I’ve thought a lot about home.

With respect to Robert Frost, home is the place where they’re glad to take me in.

Sally, Jenna, and Julie are home to me, wherever they are.

Home is sleeping in my bed with my wife.

Home is our cat, Caesar, loving me as if I’d never been gone.

Home is grilling salmon on our patio. Home is our bright red Japanese Maple tree.

Home is a hug from the lady at the dry cleaners who missed me. Home is friends at Kathwood Baptist Church welcoming me back.

Home is my Grandson Lake showing up at our house at 6:45 a.m. wanting blueberry muffins on Thursday morning.

Home is my shower, my pillow, and my favorite coffee mug. Home is iced tea with mint freshly picked from our garden. Home is my bookshelves with my books with my favorite passages underlined. Home is being surrounded by memorabilia from Charleston, Cooperstown, Scotland, Italy, Turkey, Kenya, and Romania.

Home, for me, are tigers, tigers everywhere.

Home is driving on familiar roads and walking on familiar sidewalks.

Home is my Dad’s picture on the wall and my Mother’s baking sheets (which we still use to make chocolate chip cookies) in our kitchen cabinet.

Home is my back porch where I eat breakfast and drink coffee as many days of the year as possible, January through December. I love it, especially the sound of the birds singing, the toot of the railroad train not far away, and the kids waiting for their school bus. When Sally, Jenna, Julie, sons-in-law Thorne and Tom, or friends join me, there is no better place in the world.






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Rhythm and Routine

My morning rituals in Columbia my not be set in stone, but they are largely predictable. After I get up and visit the restroom, where I brush my teeth, weigh, etc., I move toward the kitchen where I stroke and feed our fine feline, Caesar, and brew myself a cup of coffee. I fix breakfast—cereal, oatmeal or French toast—and settle in for some devotional time, reading something for the good of my soul. I don’t have to turn off my electric blanket. Her name is Sally and she just rolls over and goes back to sleep. Then, I take my walk, shower and shave. Then, I get on with my day.

If I’m meeting someone for breakfast, or have early errands to run, the routine changes, but life usually returns to normal the next morning.

Last week, in my blog, I whined about feeling disoriented and discombobulated in my first few days in Connecticut. What else would I feel? My wife’s not in the bed next to me. My cat’s not waiting to be petted and fed. The coffee pot here is different than what I have at home. I can’t find what I’m looking for in this kitchen. Half the house was being painted. The other half will be painted this week. The hills surrounding the house where I’m living are not conducive to an early morning walk.

Of course, I’m a bit bewildered by it all.

But, I’ll adjust. I will adjust. I shall adjust.

A Big Hunk of grief is losing the familiar. Things are not what they were. Somebody is not where you are accustomed to them being. They are not there when you expect them to be.

Change is aggravating, annoying, unnerving, inspiring, stimulating, challenging, vexing, frustrating, and surmountable. It is not deadly. I will survive.

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I believe…

I believe…

…America will still be here when I die.

…Baseball is a great game.

…Books are important.

…Deserts and wildernesses exist.

…Easter will arrive this spring as usual.

…Education is better than ignorance.

…Friends are worth the effort.

…God is good. The Universe is good. Life is good.

…Humor is a gift.

…I will love my family and they will love me—forever.

…Life is a pilgrimage.

…Listening is almost always better than talking.

…Love and Justice are bottom line values.

…My cat is a bundle of fun.

…Progress is more realistic than perfection.

…Religious Doctrine is overrated.

…There is a time and season for all things.

…Waterfalls are beautiful.

Marion D. Aldridge


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