Why Marion Is Going to New Hampshire for Six Months!

Some of you have seen and heard hints of my next adventure: Six Months in New Hampshire beginning January 6, 2016.

Most of you have asked, “Are you nuts?” New Hampshire? January? Have you ever shoveled snow? (Answer: No.)

For people of faith, Life is a calling. A pilgrimage. New chapters and new challenges. Every major religion expresses the sentiment that the happy person is the one who is content with what life brings: “Thy will be done.” I’ve mostly tried to live that way, and have ended up, without always meaning to, in places such as Malaysia, Mauritania, Brazil, Sweden, Russia, and Greece. Sally and I have friends, because we’ve opened our guest room to strangers, from Latvia, Iran, England, and even North Carolina. Serendipities happen if you let them.

Over the past few years, I have served as a Bridge to an Interim in churches after their pastor has resigned or retired. My dear friends, Ken and Sandy Hale, who have been at Trinity Baptist Church in Hanover, New Hampshire, for over 30 years, are retiring at the end of this year. Sandy has been the student minister at Dartmouth and Ken has pastored the church. They asked if I would step in during this immediate short-term interim and do what I do: preach, teach, challenge, guide, provide hope. I gladly agreed.

Obviously, this will be a very different travel experience than Napa Valley, Scotland, Italy, or Machu Picchu. It could be a very different spiritual experience than anything I’ve encountered in the Southeast. But I know churches, and I know people, and God/Jesus/Spirit and I are on good terms, so here we go.

Anybody want to donate a snow blower? Or come visit me? I will want visitors! The address where I will be staying is 363 Dartmouth College Highway, Lebanon, New Hampshire 03755. Ya’ll come.

I will be just a couple of hours from my daughter Julie and her husband Tom, near Boston, so I expect to see them often. I’ll meet lots of new folks, good souls, and experience life in the winter in New England. Pray with me and Trinity Baptist Church, and Sally, who I am leaving in South Carolina to tutor her students and to take care of our new kitten, Caesar.

What comes next? Spring! Even in New Hampshire.

Marion Aldridge

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11 thoughts on “Why Marion Is Going to New Hampshire for Six Months!

  1. Anne Walker

    Sounds like a great adventure!! Enjoy every minute of it, but make sure you talk to Sally at least once absolutely every day!! Merry Christmas to y’all! Love you both–Anne

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  2. JEarl

    Those folks are fortunate to have you. Remember with appreciation your time with us. Best Wishes!

  3. texsc

    Pansy and I met Ken and Sandy several years ago and have visited the church a couple of times. If you are in contact with them, give them our best.

  4. Carole Hair

    You will do a great job wherever you go. I know that you are always ready for adventure. It is in your blood to stay active. I don’t know too many people who have retired and stayed as busy as you, and you seem to embrace everything that life has to offer. If you do a Christmas letter, put us on your list in Mother’s place. Merry Christmas to you and yours

  5. Anonymous

    Sounds like fun. In the Spring do some trout fishing or maybe i will come up there and do some trout fishing with you.

  6. I’m delighted to know this Marion. Sandy & Ken and their ministries in New Hampshire have been near and dear to Lisa and me for twenty-two years. They were the ones who introduced us to you! I hope it will be wonderful. There are so many wonderful things to experience there, and I hope it’s a wonderful time for you. Drink it all in! Peace, Dean

  7. Stuart Sprague

    Ken and Sandy were college friends of Sarah and seminary friends for both of us. It has been a while since we have seen them, but there are fond memories from those days. Please give our best wishes. Let us know about their plans for retirement.
    Stuart and Sarah Sprague

  8. Martha

    May God bless you on your journey and grant you
    favor in the beautiful state of New Hampshire!

  9. Jason Loscuito

    This is great news. Chamlee and I first met Ken and Sandy when we were serving as US-2 missionaries in Providence, RI. They served as our New England parents and supported our ministry with their friendship and hospitality. You will have a great time!

  10. Anonymous

    I look forward to reading of your experiences there. Of course, it may be awhile before you find any money along your walks because of the snow. 🙂

  11. Randy Harrison

    Best of luck to YOU !! Sounds like a chance for new horizons. Hope it is all you wish for and more. Tell Sally to holler at Ted or me if we can help. We are not much over an hour away. Neither of us would mind at all.Hope you and family have a great Christmas and happy new year !!How about that CLEMSON !!!!  Randy Harrison spcaugustaga@yahoo.com 706.993.5089

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